A summarized list of recruitment of City Volunteer at Tokyo 2020 Olympics & Paralympics

A summarized list of recruitment of City Volunteer at Tokyo 2020 Olympics & Paralympics

Volunteers at the Tokyo Olympic Games are divided into two categories: “Games Volunteers” to support games, which was called “Game Maker” in London, and “City Volunteers” to support the audience and tourists which was called “City Host”.

I summarized recruitment of City Volunteers in this article. (as of 07.Sep, 2018)

What is “City Volunteers” ?

City Volunteers are volunteers who are responsible for sightseeing and traffic guidance to tourists and guidance to audience heading to the games site during the Olympic & Paralympic period.
Municipalities where each stadium is located recruit volunteers independently.

Following is a brief entry conditions for City Volunteers, but for details, please check at each recruitment site with your responsibility 🙂

  • 18 years old and over as of April 1, 2020
  • Japanese skill — it will be ok if you can communicate in Japanese
  • Japanese Nationality or visa to stay in Japan during the period, short-term stay visas are also acceptable residential visa is required.

City Volunteers are recruited by each Municipalities!

City Volunteers are recruited not only in Tokyo but also in prefectures where is located Games sites.
I summarized the recruitment site as of August 2018, which will be updated whenever necessary.

site of Sapporo, Hokkaido has not been opened yet.

Unfortunately I could not confirm the information on City Volunteers in Hokkaido where soccer is held.
It seems to be about 700 people wanted (Details unconfirmed)
In Sapporo, games will be held during only the Olympics period.

Volunteers in Tokyo Olympics

Miyagi’s detail information will be open

The details of City Volunteers in Miyagi prefecture where soccer is held will be announced in the future.

It seems that the recruitment scale is around 3000 people.
And the briefing sessions are held all over Miyagi prefecture in August!

Volunteering at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games [English]

Volunteer information – Miyagi prefecture [Japanese]

Volunteer briefing session for Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games” will be held [Japanese]


Fukushima’s detail information will be open

Details of the recruitment of City Volunteers in Fukushima Prefecture where baseball and softball is held will be announced in the future.

Volunteer information on the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics was posted [Japanese]

Ibaraki prefecture’s recruitment of City Volunteers will be the period from 18/Sep/2018 to 10/Dec/2018!

The recruitment period of Ibaraki prefecture where soccer is held is September 18 to December 10, 2018.
The recruitment scale is 700 people.

Volunteer [English]

looking for urban volunteers in Ibaraki prefecture [Japanese]

The recruitment period for city volunteers in Chiba prefecture is 12/Sep/2018-10/Dec/2018!

The recruitment period for city volunteers in Chiba prefecture is 12.September 2018 to 10. December 2018.

Chiba prefecture is looking for 3000 city volunteers.

The Games to be held in Chiba prefecture are as follows.
Olympic Games: Fencing, Taekwondo, Wrestling, Surfing,
Paralympic Games: Goal Ball, Sitting Volleyball, Para Tecondo, Wheelchair Fencing

The venue is Makuhari Messe except for surfing Tsurigasaki coast, but each major station seems to be main activity place.

Urban volunteer recruitment for Tokyo 2020 in Chiba prefecture special site [Japanese]

City volunteers in Tokyo’s recruitment periods is Mid/Sep/2018 – Early/Dec

It seems that Tokyo will recruit some 30,000 people in Tokyo, the main venue.

Guidelines for Recruiting City Volunteers for Tokyo 2020 [English]

Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games Games Publication of Urban Volunteers Guidelines[Japanese]


Urban volunteers in Saitama prefecture are recruited for periods of 16/Aug/2018 – 30/Sep!

In Saitama Prefecture where there are Olympic basketball, soccer, golf and shooting competition venues, Saitama want a total of 5,400 City Volunteers.

It seems that 700 volunteers for English translaters are recruited.

The recruitment period is from 16th August to 30th September 2018!

Home | Tokyo 2020 Event in Saitama! [English]

Saitama prefecture urban volunteer recruitment requirements | Held in Saitama!
Tokyo 2020 [Japanese]

Volunteers [Recruitment of City volunteers in Saitama prefecture started] [Japanese]

City volunteers in Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture, will be period 26/Sep/2018 afterwards!

In Fujisawa-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture where sailing will be held, 100 leaders will be recruited from 26th September to 7th December 2018.
After that, The city recruit 800 people from 2019/4 to 2020/3.

Volunteer city volunteer in Fujisawa city for 2020 [Japanese]

Fujisawa city · About recruitment of urban volunteers[Japanese]

City Volunteers in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture application period is 12/Sep to 12/Dec/2018.

The details of Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture where major games will be held with football, baseball and softball, has announced that their application period is from 12.September, 2018 to 12.December 2018. It seems that we are recruiting about 2,500 people.


ボランティア | 東京2020オリンピック・パラリンピック横浜市ウェブサイト

Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games are two years left! We will also raise the event in Yokohama (Yokohama City Municipal Bureau) [Japanese]

City volunteer in Shizuoka prefecture has been already closed for recruitment

Shizuoka prefecture where there is a venue for bicycling competition is closed as of August 10, 2018, but there is still a chance for those who wish!

Shizuoka / volunteer [Japanese]

Summary: Recruiting for City Volunteers has already started!

The city you wanted to join as City Volunteer has already announced the details ?
It’s time to recruit, please check frequently!
I will also keep updating on the latest information on this page!

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